Interior Design for the Soul

“You have a very nice house… but you know it could be more… a place where love abounds… joy surrounds… a place of peace where spirits soar! Let's create the atmosphere that expresses the grandest vision of YOU!” ~ Brian

Brian Joseph Atmospheres is a boutique interior design firm based in Fort Lauderdale but serving clients throughout South Florida and beyond. We will consider any design opportunity regardless of the geographic location, scope, style, or any other imaginable variable or challenge. We believe that the most important factor in a successful design project, as in all of life, is relationships. The relationship between designer and client is the core and the essence of all that will follow.

An inspired collaboration creates inspired environments and breathtaking atmospheres. Every space is not just a “look,” but also a FEEL. How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be? In which way do you want to express your very best? Your home is more than where you hang your hat — it’s where your heart is.

We at Brian Joseph Atmospheres believe your home should express and make manifest all the best that resides within YOU — YOUR heart, not our egos. We believe that hiring a designer and transforming a home should be an exercise in self-discovery and self-expression. Our job is to guide you through that process, narrow focus, edit choices, expand possibilities, and help you best express the resulting discoveries in the most magnificent and effortless manner possible.